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Enable your team to develop, deploy and maintain mobile and web applications with minimal coding skills

Low code platforms are the future


By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.

— Gartner Inc.

What are low-code development platforms?

Low-code technology platforms helps your organization achieve faster digitization through following steps



Low-code development platforms provide a User interface to create digital applications through drag and drop elements. Such platforms help users to create and configure applications without having detailed knowledge of coding.



A Low-code platform enable the creation of serverless applications and provide out-of-the-box infrastructure management solutions to deploy and maintain on your preferred cloud platform like Azure, google cloud, AWS, or on-premise servers.



Such platforms come with pre-built components, so they enable users to change the process of application in real-time without the need to go through a complete software development life cycle

Empower your team to be citizen developers

Build the software faster without coding skills with our drag and drop visualization

Seamless data collection with a smooth flow pan platforms

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    Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder

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    Offline Data Collection Support

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    Seamless Integrations


How Low-code technology benefits organization?


Maximize ROI

By eliminating astronomical development costs and seemingly infinite applications, get off the chart ROI by harnessing the power of low code.


Reduced Cost

Low code development overcomes the cost barriers of traditional software development leading to reduced time and effort for customers


Change Fast

We enables you to make changes in a predictable way that mitigates the risk of errors, downtime and other disruption to users


Feel Secure

From State of the art Cipher Suite to Organization Specific SSO Authentication we tick every box under security compliance..


Always updated

We release hundreds of features and integrate new technologies each year to help you stay ahead of industry shifts


Delightful User Experience

Design action focused, streamlined UIs that boost productivity and a provides a world class experience to end users

How is low-code better than traditional development?


Low-code platforms make software development 10 times faster than traditional methods.

— Forrestor Inc.

Kickstart your journey with Senpiper low-code platform


Effortless data collection at your fingertips

Create a mobile-optimized form to collect data of all types & all sizes to sustain data collection for your powerful applications.



Simple yet effective way to assign and track actions in any business process

Leverage the low code to effortlessly upscale all your business processes in minutes with a citizen developer-friendly workflow builder.



Powerful analytics to improve business KPIs

Empower employees to make sense of the data with simple yet powerful visualizations. Our visual builder helps you create reporting dashboards from scratch without knowing any query language.



Secure communication with complete data ownership

Our built-in chat engine and notification engine helps teams to be always in sync by sending communication across emails/SMS/In-App notifications.


Enterprise Ready

Build the software 10x faster with drag and drop visualization


Private cloud deployments

We ensure maximum security, flexibility, and compliance for your business applications, tailored to meet your unique infrastructure needs


Branded applications

We provide customized, branded mobile applications, enhancing your brand's visibility and user experience by utilizing our efficient low-code platform Priority support


Priority support

Experience priority support with us - a commitment to swift, responsive, and dedicated service to ensure your solutions function seamlessly at all times


Flexible Integration

Experience our flexible integration offerings, allowing seamless compatibility with your existing systems and the agility to adapt to evolving business needs

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