Boost your Development speed at a fraction of the cost

The Senpiper One Resource low-code platform enables IT teams to effectively meet the demands of business users by building, automating, and integrating applications ten times faster, thereby eliminating IT backlogs and the need for an army of developers.

Global innovators trust Senpiper

Leaders across industry rely on us to transform the way they work

Save up to 10x cost and time to deploy and maintain applications

Why IT teams choose Senpiper for Development

Accelerate digital transformation innovation (66%)

Increase responsiveness to business (66%)

Reduce dependency on hard to hire technical skills (45%)

Escape legacy debt (28%)

Protect against technology churn (22%)

Enable business users to improve internal processes (20%)

Others (2%)

[1]:Source: “OutSystems’ State of Application Development Report, 2019/2020. ” Twenty-eight percent of low-code platform users say escaping technical debt is a benefit.

Best in class security protocols


Data Integrity

Maintain the integrity of all your data with the help of features like encryption and data retention.


ISO Certified

One Resource is an ISO 27001 certified platform with Features like role-based PII and masking information


Controlled access

Restrict unauthorized access to your application with features like IP restrictions, password policies, and more.

Deploy on any infrastructure?

Experience unparalleled flexibility with Senpiper's capacity to deploy on any infrastructure, including major public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as private clouds and country-specific deployments. Select the deployment option that best suits your organization's requirements

"Low-code development platforms are emerging as a key strategy to accelerate app delivery to support digital business transformation. And they have the potential to make software development as much as 10 times faster than traditional methods."

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Senpiper ensure the security of my applications and data?


Senpiper's platform offers robust security features, including data encryption, role-based access control, and compliance management, to protect your organization's digital assets.

Can Senpiper's low-code platform be customized to meet my organization's specific needs?


Absolutely! Senpiper's platform is designed for customization, allowing you to tailor applications, workflows, and integrations to suit your unique requirements.

How will Senpiper's low-code platform affect my existing IT infrastructure?


Senpiper's platform is built to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, enhancing their functionality and simplifying workflows without causing disruption to your current infrastructure.

What kind of support does Senpiper offer for its low-code platform?


Senpiper provides comprehensive support, including priority assistance, documentation, and community resources, ensuring your team has everything it needs to succeed with our low-code platform.

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