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With Senpiper One Resource, you leverage our low-code mobile-first platform to quickly build intuitive and robust digital apps. We provide pocket-friendly solutions that help you restart and flourish in a post-pandemic economy.

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Global Scale

Deploy digital processes at pace

For organizations around the world, One resource make digital transformation easy and hassle free. Our customers range from global companies to medium enterprises across the industries like manufacturing, facility management, consulting and many more.

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Low code platforms are the future

“By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”
— Gartner Inc.

70% of the organizations stated that they find low-code platforms more affordable than the traditional development platforms, and 80% mentioned that these platforms can meet requirements within budget.”
— Forrester Research

Faster rollout

Accelerate your digital transformation

Condense the Time To Market

With low-code, you can now build and deploy apps in a matter of weeks instead of months. The reduced TTM gives you more time to run operations and generate revenue.

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Devices No Bar

From top-notch Android and iOS apps to prime apps for laptops and PCs, low-code does it all. Enable your employees to work from anywhere, anytime, using any device

Digital transformation
Improve business processes
Adapt to change

Increase responsiveness to business

Get Agile 

It’s up-to 8x faster to implement changes with One Resource. Never skip a beat on the market's pulse, and utilize the quick and easy customization capabilities to outclass the competition.

Easy on the pocket

The pocket-friendly low-code development lets you prioritize the business needs. Develop business solutions that streamline operations, drive accountability, and nurture growth.

Become Independent

Reduce dependency on hard to hire technical skills

Hiring skilled software developers to create, operate, and upgrade systems is getting increasingly difficult. The great mismatch between the number of available developers versus the jobs in the market further intensifies the issue.

With low-code development, you can reduce the dependency on hard to hire IT skills. Whether it be deploying a purpose-built software or digitizing a simple business operation, low-code lets you do it without the need to scour the market for talented software developers. 

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Always updating

Protect against technology churn

New programming languages, better development frameworks, streamlined application architectures are some of the facilitators of technology churn for legacy IT systems. 

With low-code, the platform bears the burden of digital migrations while you get to keep creating spectacular solutions for the business and customers. Moreover, you also reap the benefits of frequent updates and feature additions on the platform.

Beautifully Designed

Enable business users to improve internal processes

Get Elevate system efficiency by involving non-tech users

Low-code lets non-tech business users design and automate processes during the development stage. Consequently, systems get better geared towards  end user needs.

Be a citizen developer

Turn shadow IT into from a bane to boon by letting tech-savvy business users design solutions on a managed low-code platform to let the whole enterprise enjoy its benefits.

CItizen developer
Amazing Features

Limitless, like your imagination

Now bring agile methodology to Enterprise IT implementation. Create your own processes and implement within 2 week's time


Exhaustive data collection

Build comprehensive workflows, checklists, and forms by harnessing more than 28 data types with complex logic

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Seamless collaboration

With One Resource, you would never have to switch among systems for your data and communication.

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Robust analytics

Make better decisions with custom and intuitive dashboards enabling better data visualization

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World-class security

One Resource checks every box in the security checklist to let you flourish peacefully in a safer ecosystem. Our platform comes with:

secure low code platform
Ensured data integrity
secure low code platform
Protection against vulnerabilities
secure low code platform
State of the art cypher suite
secure low code platform
Mozilla Web Security Compliant
secure low code platform
ISO and cerfin certified
secure low code platform
Organization specific SSO Auth

Thousands of Happy Users All Around the World

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"We have been working with Senpiper team for past 2 years. Their innovative platform has helped our organization to streamline multiple different processes and bring a unified experience across multiple areas like Trading, Logistics &Mining. I was pleased with their approach to problem solving and their willingness to go the extra mile for us.”

Sagar Aluri, CTO, Adani Enterprises

The Senpiper platform has helped us bring more vigil to the various program we have implemented under the Skill India Mission. Information from all 8000 + training centers reaches us in real time helping us in effectuating the desired results.

Pravi Kapoor, Head of Monitoring, NSDC

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