Create branded apps for your business

One Resource helps you create an experience for your customer that aligns with your branding without coding. Choose colors, Design forms, and configure workflows and illustrations that match your brand

Why create branded applications?


Build trust with users

Increase brand credibility as you provide your customers a great experience.


Strengthen your brand identity

Match an exceptional app experience with a theme that resonates with your brand.

Fully rebranded mobile applications

Completely personalized applications are available on both iOS and Android with publication options on the app store.

  • Use your own domain for web portals

  • Serverless architecture to reduce infrastructure headache

  • Better insights and analytics for usage

  • Rapid launch to market

  • Easy deployment of new features

  • Authentication mechanism as per

Why use One resource platform for branded applications?


Development cost

Get a white-labeled app in fractions of costs when compared with custom development.


Time to market

Get the edge over your competitors with an extremely short time to market.



White-labeled apps offer built in capabilities to add modules as per the business requirements



Control the access to the application with your defined security protocols, authentication mechanisms


User Interface

Use drag and drop UI components and color schemes to configure User experience as per your organization's brand guidelines



Control the release cycle for bugs and enhancement as per your comfort and scheduled timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

What is white-labelled software?


White-labelled software is developed or configured by one company to be rebranded and resold or used by another company

Why would a business need white-labelled applications?


Business owners can create their own app for a minimal investment. You can maintain your brand identity across client-facing apps through white-labelling.

Does a custom app have the potential to be made into a white-label app?


As long as you understand the business workflows and processes, you can turn your custom app into a white-labelled one.

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