Customize your IT operations & services

Utilize Senpiper's intuitive app development tools to create customized IT management solutions & streamlines the services your team delivers.


How senpiper One resource can help me digitize?

Senpiper is a versatile low-code application platform designed to create custom applications for a wide range of IT management scenarios, including IT service management, IT project management, and IT risk management.

By utilizing our advanced tools, such as Schema Builder, Workflow Builder, and Approval Builder, you can develop tailor-made applications in significantly less time and at a lower cost compared to traditional development methods.

Transform your IT infrastructure by leveraging Senpiper's platform

Build the software 10x faster with drag and drop visualization



With SSO, ERP, CRM, and other core systems



existing IT infrastructure using the mobile-based technology



the overall user experience by delivering seamless and intuitive workflows

Revolutionizing process digitisation

Speed, Simplicity, and Secure Integration for the Modern Enterprise


Rapid Application Development

10x faster development and deployment of customized applications, boosting efficiency and productivity.


Modernize legacy systems

Effortlessly transition from and connect with old systems using straightforward integration and data organization.


Reduced Technical Skill Requirements

Minimize the need for advanced technical skills with a user-friendly drag-and-drop development user interface


World-class security

Provide seamless enterprise-grade application security and data access controls with applications deployed on your preferred infrastructure

Single platform multiple prebuilt customized IT Management Applications


Asset allocation and tracking

Accurately track IT assets, from hardware to software, desktop to mobile, and keep tabs on every IT asset your organization owns without breaking a sweat.



Automate procurement from purchase requisitions to purchase orders, and invoice matching helps you streamline your purchases, view spending and streamline your budgets across categories


Project tracker

Project tracker designed to give you complete visibility on spending, tasks, timesheets, and moreā€”all from a single platform. This way, you can rest assured that each of your projects will be completed on time, every time.


Time tracking

Monitor your team's daily work and projects in the pipeline. Stay organized, focused, and on track with this online time tracker application.


Visitor management

Enhance the visitor experience by providing digital assistance throughout their visit using our visitor management software. Get their details, generate ID cards, notify the appropriate staff, and schedule meetings, all from the same app.


Incident tracking

Incident trackers help you record incidents, classify them by impact and urgency, assign them to appropriate teams, track their progress, and report potential problems.

What our customers say

With Senpiper, our IT team was able to build custom applications in record time, which helped us optimize our IT processes and streamline our operations. The low-code platform is incredibly easy to use, and we no longer have to rely on technical experts to create and deploy applications.

Jaspinder Singh, IT administrator

"We have been working with Senpiper team for past 2 years. Their innovative platform has helped our organization to streamline multiple different processes and bring a unified experience across multiple areas like Trading, Logistics & Mining. I was pleased with their approach to problem solving and their willingness to go the extra mile for us."

Sagar Aluri, CTO, Adani mining

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT management software?


IT management software includes a range of solutions that can help organizations consolidate and streamline their IT processes, from tracking IT assets to managing software development for digital transformation initiatives

How is low-code beneficial to the IT management process?


Low-code platforms enable organizations to create customized IT management solutions for their business units quickly using pre-built UI and workflow components, making the application development process faster than traditional methods

How much can you save using Senpiper?


You can check out an estimate of the savings you can achieve using Senpiper Saving Calculator

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