Set processes that run without manual interventions

Your workflows can now be automated with schedules. One resource lets you execute actions, push notifications, create submissions, or achieve a multitude of tasks and helps you automate repetitive work. Send notifications, remind users, and perform a variety of other tasks at a predetermined date and time.

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Make complex data collection processes simpler, faster, and efficient


Set automated action

Execute Actions like form submission, data sync, workflow action, or report scheduling on meeting a certain condition


Chain events together

Achieve a series of tasks in one go by chaining events and creating custom action trigger


Execute custom scripts

Insert scripts that help you execute specific business logic and instantly build modern, database-backed web applications.

Create recurring schedules instantly

Scheduler helps you automate recurring tasks within minutes. Whether its preventive maintenance, daily attendance, or any periodic review we take care of it all so that you can relax

Schedule any form with prefilled data

Schedule a form to get filled on a specified date and time

Create recurring intervals

Define hourly, daily, weekly or monthly intervals for repetitive tasks

Always assign tasks to the right user

Role-based or direct user assignment helps you allocate tasks to the right people at the right time

Validate data across systems while making a submission

Our remove validation framework empowers you to ensure that your data rules for duplicity and validation remain consistent across systems.

For example, Validate the PAN number with a third-party database before onboarding a user

Syncing data periodically on event triggers was never that easy

Define custom file synchronization events on FTP servers

Send and receive data from other systems on workflow actions

Create and manage user profiles automatically

Create triggers to manage performance automatically and keep user profiles updated on flows like attendance management, leave management, location change, shift update, or transfer postings.

Send timely notifications and communications

Send Recurring notifications

Recurring notifications based on any date field inside form

Choose a desired communication channel

Send Email, In-app notification or an SMS as you desire

Automatic start and stop

Define rules and criteria from form fields to automatically trigger or stop communication

Desired file attachments

Send periodic reports, XLS, CSV or PDF in email communications

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the scheduler functionality?


Scenarios that require assigning time-based tasks to users on a recurring basis can be automated using a scheduler (e.g. if a user needs to clean a room daily at 11 A.M.)

Can I create a schedule for any form?


Yes, any form created can be scheduled to be filled by users at specific intervals

Can I assign a schedule to any user?


Yes, a schedule can be assigned to individual users or through custom roles in a round-robin fashion. Learn more about custom roles

Can I send Alerts and communication in a schedule?


Yes, communication can be sent across In-app notification, email, or SMS at a defined frequency in a scheduler

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