Create software in language that your users can understand

Don’t let language be a bar in the perfect experience, choose a language that best suits your needs without compromising.

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Global Languages support for your Global Business

Whether you’re a corporation with operations spanning across multiple countries or an indigenous startup, we strive to cater to everyone’s language needs.

End to end translations across components

  • Field Titles

  • Button Text

  • Instructions

  • Workflow Actions

  • Error messages

  • Dropdown options

  • Description texts

Smart options for effortless user experience

Enable or disable languages that your organization support

Intelligent translation options

On-demand localization support

Whether you operate in remote regions with languages vastly unheard of or, want to use a regional language to provide a better experience to your customers, We’ve got you covered with on demand localization support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by localization?


Localization guides the transformation of software to meet the needs of a specific location through language, or other relevant factors. Language translation of the software is a key element of the localization process

How many languages are supported for localization?


Senpiper platform support localization for all the languages as per organizations' business requirements

Can I translate the dynamic content inside a form?


Yes, the platform provides the capability to define a translation map for all the dynamic content inside the form.

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