Effortless data collection at your fingertips

Create a mobile-optimized form to collect data of all types & all sizes to sustain data collection for your powerful applications.


Make complex data collection processes simpler, faster, and efficient


No coding skills required

Visual builder with drag and drop UI helps you create even the most complex forms and requires no technical expertise.


Enterprise grade

Serving global innovators across industries, we take sincere pride in our NPS and product quality.


World class security

From State of the art Cipher Suite to Organization Specific SSO Authentication we tick every box under security compliance.

Extensive data collection configured in minutes

Create a flexible data collection layer with our remarkable Visual UI builder to create any complex forms within minutes.

  • Standardize data capture

  • Interlink forms

  • Personalize UI

Tired of sending doc files over email to collect data?

Create public data links and share with user over email, SMS or WhatsApp to collect data in a standardized format

  • Collect images, location, videos and files

  • Share over SMS, Email or WhatsApp

  • Generate automatic PDF

  • Bulk download in excel

Capture data anytime, anywhere

Works across devices

With a platform designed to work across different devices and platforms, don’t let hardware be a hassle to your productivity.

Offline support

Leverage the platform’s offline functionality to work even in the most remote locations.

Share across any channel

Generate outbound links for the public to access the forms without installing the app.

Enterprise-wide best practices for data collection

Exhaustive data collection

Rich form builder with 30+ data types help you create flexible data collection layer to collect data of any quality

The ultimate workflow engine

Manipulate fields at every step of the workflow to hide sensitive information, and validate inputs across teams

Communication at right time

Define emails, SMS or In-app notifications schedule using any form field to cater to use cases like asset expiry, conduct timebound actions

Personalised to your business

Configurable layout engine

Create delightful user experiences while staying true to your brand with custom app theme rebranding & layouts.

Break all language barriers

Enabling global businesses to unlock user productivity in their preferred language With in-built language translations

Schedule actions

Schedule your data collection process to be consistent and never miss a deadline.

Conditional Logic Support

Deliver personalized experiences by adding logic based upon form responses.

Eliminate any manual errors

Intelligent rule engine helps you validate & calculate before making submissions to avoid any manual errors

Fits right into your software stack

Seamlessly Integrate your ERP, CRM, and third-party systems with minimal effort to fetch and reconcile master data.

  • Master data reconciliation

  • SSO logins

  • Remote system validations

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some use cases where I can use data collection software?


Customers use our data collection mechanism in cases like lead generation, Procurement, customer feedback, employee onboarding, background checks, audits, and many more business applications across departments.

How is this different from custom application database creation?


Platform provides a dynamic schema builder where you can create and update the schema in real-time, and define mapping across tables without the knowledge of coding

Can data collection be carried out from different devices?


Yes. With the help of our rich form builder with 30+ data types you create flexible data collection layer to collect data of any quality from any device - Web or App

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