Design forms that are perfect for your process

With Senpiper One-Resource, take advantage of 30+ data types, granular customization, and validations for creating unique forms for your business logic.


Leverage 20+ form fields to collect a diverse set of data

Our data collection engine provides an exhaustive list of data types to create forms with built-in logic that minimize effort and remove manual errors

  • Standardize data capture

  • Interlink forms

  • Personalize UI

Add dynamic conditions that you need

Perform powerful calculations

Provision of auto calculation of values inside fields based on the data captured.

Validate values

Validate data through conditions based on user role, field value, regex support, and many more to drive reliability and consistency with ease

Cascading dropdowns

Apply Show/hide field logic

Use conditions to show and hide respective fields as the user progresses through the forms.

All-powerful look-up field to fetch data from other forms

Interlink forms

Create complex applications easily by connecting different forms to fetch data from one form to another in real-time.

Filter data dynamically

A flexible rule engine to filter master data entries in a lookup field so that you always get relevant data

Scan QR and Bar codes to populate data

Generate QR codes in any field

Create unique identifiers for assets, locations, or products and print QR codes in standardized formats.

Scan codes to Auto-Populate data

Auto-populate information like asset details and location details through scanning the QR code or bar codes and free employees from clutches of manual entries

Leverage the Power of AI

On-device face match

Have a project to run in an offshore environment or remote location? Our decisive on-device algorithm face matches and marks attendance in real-time without worrying about network conditions.

Anti-image and video spoofing

Need to ensure users are not gaming the application with video recording and image capture? Use our robust anti-spoofing algorithm to mitigate any malicious submissions.

Add geo-intelligence to your data collection

Auto-detect location

Easily detect and auto-populate user location within your form through any device and platform

Restrict entries through Geo-fence

Click and define complex Geo-fence layouts like polyline or polygon and restrict users from uploading information in designated geofenced areas

Let users upload images and documents

Simply drag and drop fields inside form and enable users to upload all kind of files and documents including PDF, XLS, CSV, JPeG, PNG, MP4, MP3 and many more

Restrict gallery uploads

Disable picking files from the gallery and allow users to record videos and capture images only through the camera

Geo-tag images and videos

Automatically capture the location coordinates and timestamp for images captured and recorded video

Capture digital signatures

Go paperless and collect signatures on every form and on any device. One-Resource is ISO 27001 compliant, so our electronic signatures carry the same authority as ones on paper.

Benchmark with world-class applications

Go global with multi-lingual support

Have users in different geographies speak different languages? Convert form titles, help text, drop-down options, and all other areas of form and application in user-preferred languages

Create a delightful user experience

Benchmark your apps with best-in-class systems. Our completely configurable layout engine helps you design the UI of every field as per your taste and brand guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are One Resource forms different from Google forms or Other form software?


Senpiper One resource forms supports 20+ data types including (location/media/image/video) along with conditional logics like (Show-Hide fields/ calculate values /copy field values /Regex validation)

Can I create multi-lingual forms?


Yes, One Resource supports custom language support inside the forms. You can define your language string inside the UI builder while creating the forms.

Can I share forms publicly?


Yes, You can generate the public link of the forms and share it over Email/SMS/WhatsApp with other users for data collection

Can I configure the UI of my forms to suit my organization's branding


Yes, One Resource provides the layout configuration for all the form fields where you can define the size/color/weight/Spacing, and style of the elements

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