Simple yet effective way to assign and track actions in any business process

Leverage the low code to effortlessly upscale all your business processes in minutes with a citizen developer-friendly workflow builder. By automating routine actions in your solutions, you save time and money while scaling your organization's efficiency vertically.

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Make complex data collection processes simpler, faster, and efficient


Create workflows within minutes

Effortlessly digitize even your most complex business processes in minutes with ease.


Infinite Possibilities

From Human Resource to Operational Excellence Management, design & develop workflows that meet all your business needs.


Take & track actions in real time

Iron out gaps between different stakeholders as changes are reflected in real-time to foster cooperation.

Absolute set of tools to fulfill your needs

Architect streamlined workflows for your business processes with:

Infinite Branching Logic

Build exhaustive systems by branching into as many processes as you want.

Use Steps, loops & Actions

Create reason-driven loops, structure-oriented steps, and intuitive actions.

Smart Buttons for Smarter Actions

Configurable buttons

Organize your workflows with custom color-coded labeled buttons.

Define Scheduled Action

Automate critical actions with scheduled action buttons that initiate processes.

Generate the desired process log

Capture details at every step while keeping track of your processes with a customized change log

Automated Actions

Automate routine tasks and actions for different events in your business process

Escalation Support

Escalate the task up the hierarchy if the action is not taken in a timebound manner to ensure SLAs are maintained

Auto Approvals & Rejections

Automatically approve or reject workflows based upon preset conditions to reduce manual efforts.

You define the rules

Flexible status and priority management

Define the status name your users can understand and select a specific status value on individual workflow steps.

Gear actions towards any user-base

Assign actions as per desired assignment strategies like round-robin, weighted average, all, or FCFS. Use custom roles to allocate tasks to any user across the application

Notify users at any step

Keep your users across the board updated in real-time through Email, App notifications, IVR calls, or SMS on any action trigger or SLA miss

Do more with every workflow

Open reports, update tasks or send data to other systems , leverage the system to its potential and reap the benefits.

  • Create and update users

  • Spawn tasks

  • Sync data across systems

  • Update data across forms for data consistency

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to learn scripting to create workflows?


No scripting language is required to configure workflows in the platform. UI-based process builder enables users to apply loops, create branches, and create action buttons.

My workflows are complex with multiple branches, does senpiper support such workflows?


Yes, you can create even the most complex process flows with ease using the workflow builder where unlimited branching support is provided out of the box

Can I send emails and SMSes using workflows?


Yes, you can configure all types of communications including Email, SMS, In-App notifications along with custom content at different steps of the workflow

Can workflows be integrated with other third-party services?


Yes, you can fetch or send the data from a third-party system at any step of the workflow. Platform’s workflow engine also supports the payment gateway integration out of the box

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