The quintessential data modeling tool with an effortless visual builder

Senpiper One-Resource helps you model your data and design or update your schema to fit your business logic perfectly


Define flexible uniqueness criteria

Select any field from the form schema and define uniqueness criteria on the field's values.

For example, Employee ID is kept unique in any leave management application.

  • Discard new submission if a user makes a duplicate entry

  • Override old submission if a user makes the same entry

  • Throw an error if a duplicate entry is made

Design your application, dictate your data flow

Tailor-Made for your business logic

Infinitely flexible system to create the database schema and table relationships that perfectly assimilate your business needs

Complete offline support

Senpiper’s auto-scaling infrastructure handles data sync, and peak load without breaking a sweat and helps you manage 99.99% uptime

Perfectly connected

Seamlessly Push or pull data across other systems and ensure a perfectly synced process.

Truly offline data collection

Preserve schema relationship by fetching data on-device across mobile applications to ensure complete offline support.

Validate data across systems

Our robust third-party system validation framework helps you ensure data consistency across the system.

For example, providing the Purchase order number already present in your ERP system is not generated again inside any application

Schema relationships that align with your business needs


Flexible data mapping across forms

Rapidly build complex applications by utilizing Schema Relationships to seamless map data across states with a single click


Filter master data as per requirements

Build advanced conditional logic to fetch restricted data crucial to the process for strict data consistency.


Filter data per user profile

Safeguard data and provide impeccable user experience by mapping your dataset with user profile parameters.


Bidirectional relationships

Update forms or user profiles on change detection to keep data updated as per your business requirements

All-powerful look-up field to fetch data from other forms


Interlink forms

Create complex applications easily by connecting different forms to fetch data from one form to another in real-time.


Only lookup the data that you need

Out-of-the-box flexible rule engine to filter master data entries in a lookup field so that you always get relevant data


Truly offline data collection

We preserve and sync the master data mapping on the device so that you always have the required data on your fingertips anytime, anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I interlink multiple forms?


Yes, You can create linking among multiple forms. Some forms can act as master records, while others can use those master records during the process.

Can I Populate master records from my ERP or other systems?


Yes, ERP data can be used to create master records. Senpiper One resource provides a flexible schema builder and “object mapping” solution out of the box where corresponding fields can be mapped seamlessly

Can I capture data in offline mode?


Yes, you will be able to collect any type of data offline and later your mobile device will automatically sync the data back to the server.

Can I update the data model in real-time?


Yes, UI-based Flexible schema creation along with ensured backward compatibility enables users to update data models in near real-time

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