Build world-class user experience within minutes

From color configuration to custom UI support, we leave no stone unturned to provide a great user experience that leaves an impression.


Be an expert UI designer

You define the way you wish to see the app with configurable design components

Create stunning user interface

We provide you with 100+ building blocks out of the box to create amazing layouts with our visual UI builder

  • Colors that work for you

  • Fonts that are easy to read

  • Beautiful iconography

Made for higher productivity

Simply streamlined to run your processes faster while minimal clicks

Layouts that optimize work

Messages that make sense

Don't take it lightly

A built in dark-mode helps soften the blow of using screen for longer period and ensure you remain productive for long

Switch on or off features as per your needs

One resource provides you the ability to control the access of relevant features to the relevant users to avoid clutter on screen

Optimize UI across devices

One resource uses native components for Android, iOS and web to adhere to the platform specific guidelines to that your application works smoothly across any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does senpiper offer dark mode?


Yes, Senpiper offers dark mode for Web application and even for custom developments.

How can we create a fully personalized user interface?


Our drag-and-drop visual builder for data collection, process creation & analytics helps users focus on their business logic with personalized user interface.

Can we customize UI across platforms?


User permissions, business logic, and form factors that fit web, mobile, and tablet devices can be used to customize UI/UX based on various attributes of the user, such as role, designation, etc.

Optimize your app with custom UI and the best UX

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