Safeguard your application and data with the right set of access controls

One resource enables you to design custom roles, define the scope of activity and enable disable permissions on all the aspects of the application ranging from forms, reports, workflows, user management, and communication

What is Role Based Access Control?

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a method of restricting application access based on the roles of individual users within an enterprise. RBAC ensures employees access only information they need to do their jobs and prevents them from accessing information that doesn't pertain to them.

Create and assign custom roles to users

  • Configure organizational-specific roles

  • Define the hierarchy tree of the organization

  • Create departments within the organization

Ensure maximum data security with granular controls

Restrict feature access

Provide role-based access to reports, applications, media files, forms, and other


Configure security policies with a few clicks

  • Enable face ID / Touch ID for specific roles

  • Enable/Disable two-factor authentication

  • Define session management

  • Restrict IP and ensure VPN-only access

  • Safeguard your data now

Frequently Asked Questions

How many different roles can I create within my organization?


You can create any number of custom roles inside the system and assign those roles to any number of users inside the system

Can I limit the access of certain features only to specific users?


Yes, you can limit the permissions and access to different features of the platform to users through custom roles

How many roles can I assign to an individual user?


You can assign any number of roles to an individual user and provide specific permissions to the account

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