Managing users across applications was never this easy

One resource helps you define and manage specific user profiles for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors, and contractors, to suit your business needs

Flexible for all your business needs


Customized user profiles

Design user profile parameters integrated with CRM and ERP as per your business logic


Secure identity management

Out of the box support from Active directory to Google auth and other OAuth 2.0 protocols


Role based access control

Design custom roles for different departments and provide granular controls for the data and features

Design user profiles for every stakeholder

Different user-lists for different stakeholders

Maintain different user lists and profile parameters relevant to Employees, customers, vendors, or employees

Extensive data type support

Capture user details with 20+ data types, including dropdowns, images, numbers, documents, signatures

Automatically update profile on user action

Update profile information automatically on user actions for use cases like leave management, attendance, and posting.

Managing users was never this easy

Create and update users in bulk using CSV and excel

Onboard users or update profiles in bulk via CSV or excel upload. System provide built-in data validation for dropdown fields

Provide temporary access to system

Set auto-expiry date inside profile for users like contractors and vendors and never worry about data pilferage

Effortless Integration with Active directory or Oauth 2.0 systems.

Our integration layer enables you to integrate and create users through Identity management systems like Active Directory, Google Auth, Okta, or any Oauth 2.0-based system.

Define policies to ensure total system security

Build the software 10x faster with drag and drop visualization


Configurable password policies

Enhance security with custom password rules. Set strong complexity standards, expiration periods, and more to protect user accounts and sensitive data.


Restrict IP and ensure VPN-only access

Secure your platform by limiting access to authorized IP addresses. Enforce VPN-only connections for enhanced network security and protection against unauthorized access.


Face ID/Touch ID for specific roles

Implement biometric security for designated roles. Enable Face ID or Touch ID authentication to add an extra layer of protection for specific user accounts.


Enable/Disable two-factor authentication

Boost account security by enabling or disabling two-factor authentication. Choose the authentication method that best suits your organization's needs and safeguards user logins.


Control session length

Efficiently manage user sessions with customizable session lengths and idle timeouts. Enhance security by automatically logging out inactive sessions and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate with third-party systems for streamlined workflows. Connect Senpiper with your preferred applications, ensuring a cohesive user experience and efficient data exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enable/disable signup in my organization?


You can configure the signup form as per your business requirement and enable the creation of employees' and vendors' accounts inside the system

How can I add user profile details relevant to my business operations?


Yes, One resource provides a user profile schema builder where you can capture all the relevant profile details for the user.

Can I give temporary access to applications to my vendors?


Yes, you can limit the access to the applications on a temporary basis for vendors and contractors

Can I integrate my organization’s SSO with the platform


Yes, the Platform offers out-of-the-box integration with SSO systems like active directory, Google OAuth, Okta and other famous systems

Manage users, your way

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