Senpiper One Resource for facility management

Never let customers keep guessing about the quality of your operations.

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Flexible On ground data capture

Ensure high standards of compliance

fast digital transformation
All the tools you need for the job

Put accurate data, forensic checks, robust checklists, and ad-hoc inspections to implement the gold standards of facility management.

Keep the data consistent

Make the on-ground workforce your eyes and ears by capturing data from virtually every point.

Access information anytime and anywhere

Manage operations on the move by logging-in from various devices and platforms. Leverage this virtual presence to efficiently manage operations while adhering to all the post-pandemic norms.

ensure visibility of operations

Build direct relationship with customer

fast digital transformation
Drive processes as per customer satisfaction

Keep the proof of work readily available for customers with personalized and intuitive dashboards to improve customer satisfaction.

Put the customer in control

Give one more reason to customers to be your word-of-mouth publicists by letting them access data relevant to them. Show them how you are expertly managing their tasks and build trust.

Raise operation standards at sites

Improve service quality and drive accountability

fast digital transformation
Impart accountability among staff

Delegate tasks with ease and stay in control of who goes in and out of the system. Generate evidence-based performance reviews and nurture a culture of accountability and quality work.

Monitor productivity directly from the ground

Leave no stone unturned in streamlining facility management operations with vigilant and easy-to-conduct inspections. Create checklists to ensure further compliance from the on-ground workforce.

Dynamic workforce management

Manage on-ground teams on scale

fast digital transformation
Scale and manage the on-ground team with ease

From infallible authentication to providing data access on a need-to-know basis, managing ground teams becomes a breeze with One Resource.

Contractor management made easy

With our flexible user management, automate onboarding, de-boarding of vendors/contract workforce seamlessly

out of the box integrations

Third-party integrations to the rescue

Auto-populate massive amounts of data with ease through third-party integrations. It also facilitates a much smoother transition from clunky legacy systems to our nimble low-code platform.

Integration with ERP

Roll Out And Manage Processes 8X Faster

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

Launch processes faster

Bring down the development time from months to weeks to digitize operations quickly.

Manage change 8x faster

Act fast on customer and internal inputs to implement changes at an 8X faster pace.

Protect against technology churn

Enjoy the best-in-class tech with frequent updates and feature additions to the platform

Works cross device

Transcend beyond devices and platforms to manage operations from iOS, Android, and laptops.

Reduce infrastructure cost

Bring down the cost by saying goodbye to resource-heavy legacy systems and manual processes.

Connect to existing ecosystem

Fret not about creating solutions from scratch since you can seamlessly integrate our solutions with your existing infrastructure.

Support at every step

From ideation to deployment, we stay with you at every step of the low-code journey and provide assistance when needed. We do all the legwork so that your business can run past the competition. Get in touch with our low-code experts to firsthand experience our world-class support.

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