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One Resource workflow builder- the most convenient, resourceful, and efficient platform to breathe digital-life into your business operations. Experience the power of low-code first hand by creating the most complex workflows in the simplest way.

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collaborative workflow builder
Industry first workflow collaboration

Fewer iterations with real-time sharing and collaboration

Iron out any gaps between the different parties involved in the process. Share workflows with ease and encourage quick constructive feedbacks for faster development.

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Beautifully Designed

Get all the tools to architect streamlined workflows

Unlimited branching logic

Build exhaustive systems by branching into as many processes as you want. Add logic at every step of the way to make workflows dynamic.

Steps, loops, and actions:

We didn’t leave a stone unturned to give you all the tools needed for the job. Create reason-driven loops, structure-oriented steps, and intuitive actions.

Simple & Powerful

Do more with every workflow

From opening up reports to updating the status, you can set up the workflow to handle a variety of tasks. Use the wide range of options and functions associated with every action on the workflow and create a flow capable of doing it all. Power-up the assigned actions by flirting with the associated attributes.

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