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Exhaustive data collection.
8X faster.

Data is the building block of efficient systems. Collect, process, generate, automate, and share information with ease on our low-code platform to enjoy transparency, efficiency, and growth.

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Complex data collection
Inter form referencing

Populate data and forms as needed

Go deep with parent-child forms

Leverage exhaustive data collection using inter form field referencing on your forms. Bring more data points into the mix and never miss out on any critical piece of information. All this for no extra efforts.

Automatically update the master database

Are you tired of manually updating the central database and sifting between forms and fields for the same? Well, no more. We let you set up forms to automatically enrich the master database and keep your woes at bay.

Leverage analytics and reporting

Make logic-driven submissions

Interpret data easily with comprehensive analytics and reporting views during form submission. Understand how various metrics affect your system and utilize the enhanced clarity to make important decisions.

reports for checklist
Inbuilt data forensics

Protection against data fabrication

Real time snapshots ensure no one meddles with data at any step of the way. You can also leverage the QR code generation functionality for added transparency and security.

Protection against data forgery
Data access and control
User profile driven data capture

Never let users capture unauthorized data

Create personalized experiences for users by harnessing the existing profile data of stakeholders. Reduce their clerical load by using the existing data to customize the form-logic.

out of the box integrations

Third-party integrations to the rescue

Auto-populate massive amounts of data with ease through third-party integrations. It also facilitates a much smoother transition from clunky legacy systems to our nimble low-code platform.

Integration with ERP
Public data links
Simple & Powerful

Public data links to capture data from any user

No need for users to download or register within system. Generate public and anonymous submissions to conserve user identity without compromising on credibility.

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