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Share, convey, and collaborate with all the stakeholders.

One resource facilitates seamless exchange of information by nurturing a collaborative yet controlled ecosystem. Enable better relations with clients as well as employees with the array of collaboration features, and thrive in the cutthroat competition.

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business communication
secure communication
Data security

Sharable and secure

Your data in your hands

One Resource prioritizes your privacy and data security over everything else. It is why the data never leaves your servers despite all the intelligence interchange between the concerned parties.

Role-based access

Conversations can be tricky to manage when sensitive data is also in the mix. Leverage role-based access control to introduce better collaboration and provide select information only to the screened members.

Be updated always

Keep everyone in the loop

Keep everyone on the same page with group chat

Inspire more inputs from team members with hassle-free group chat support. Make it your virtual conference room and make better decisions. Bypass the sluggish one-dimensional communication channels and bring all the concerned parties on the same page.

Never lose the grip with thread-based replies

Tired of losing track of a particular issue in long online conversations? Well, no more. With thread-based replies, you can easily pin down specific issues and make sure they get resolved rather than getting lost in the jungle of texts.

business group chat
Never switch among systems

Process and communication at single place

Stop going back and forth between operations and conversations. One Resource gives you superior control by putting process logs and communications in one place. Now connect the dots faster and boost productivity.

process communication
communicate with vendors and contractors
Contact any stakeholder

Avoid clutter in your personal chat app

Prevent your personal chat applications from cluttering with our one-on-one chat functionality. Connect with all your vendors, contractors, and clients within the platform and negate the need to establish another line of communication with them.

Business communication through media
Multimedia Sharing

Share ideas and not just words

Multimedia no bar

Share images, videos, documents, voice notes, and everything else needed for proficient communication. One Resource leaves no stone unturned to get your point across the table.

Support collaboration through interaction

Sluggish interfaces often end up repelling participants away, thus beating the purpose of communication tools. Our intuitive platform comes loaded with interactive features to promote collaboration and prevents the exchange of information through informal channels.

Disseminate information fast

Broadcast views and news

Keep the organization informed and motivated with company-wide broadcasts and billboards. One Resource enables you to not just share educational content or administrative messages through broadcasts, but help
instill a transparent and responsible company culture.

Celebrate achievements, reward table toppers, extend support in tough situations and streamline the flow of important information throughout the organization.

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Explore all the communication channels yourself

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