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One Resource supplements your business with customizable, convenient, and shareable analytics to help you realize these benefits. Now anyone from a Manager to a CXO can easily create reports

mobile low code platformLow code platform analytics
Easy to analyze

Your data, your way.

low code platform charts
40+ chart types

Data visualization is never going to be an issue when you have more than 40 chart types to choose from. Arrange data in a way that best serves your purpose and improves decision making through easy-to-interpret information.

Simple drag and drop

Enrich reports with only what’s necessary. One Resource lets you easily drag and drop fields to generate custom reports. Stay focused on the objective with narrowed down reports and accelerate growth.

Low code platform reports and charts
Mobile based reports
Adapt to change

Effortless sharing and access control

A click is all it takes

Sharing insightful reports has never been this easy. Whether you wish to collaborate with just an individual or the entire organization, One Resource lets you relay reports at the click of a button.

Convenient role-based access control

Lay down the rules for who gets to see what based on an individual's roles and responsibilities. The platform lets you easily set up access control for reports. Consequently, you get to preserve sensitive data as well as trim down the unnecessary information to further improve productivity.

Share with whatever means necessary

Export, email, and print reports based on the need of the hour and your preferences. One Resource supports you with multiple means to share reports.

Become Independent

Reports available everywhere

One Resource works seamlessly across devices and platforms and so do the reports generated on the platform. Study trends, analyze projections, and share insights across a wide range of devices.

Mobile based reports and analytics
Drill down reports
drill into details

Never miss out on the details

Our reports give you access to the most finest of details and in the most simplistic fashion. Keep drilling down into the details with our advanced hyperlinking functionalities and get to the root of every causation.

Always be ready

Real-time alerts when key metrics changes

Always stay in control with instant notifications for any unwanted trend in the key metrics. One Resource keeps a tab on all the critical information so that you can focus your attention on operations.

reporting alerts on KPI change
Power BI/tableau integration
view reports anywhere

Integrate with platform of your choice

Pull information from various forms and reports across apps, or use the API to extract data from other systems. Export data directly to the analytics tool you fancy and we will support your endeavor with our seamless integration capabilities.

Thousands of Happy Users All Around the World

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"We have been working with Senpiper team for past 2 years. Their innovative platform has helped our organization to streamline multiple different processes and bring a unified experience across multiple areas like Trading, Logistics &Mining. I was pleased with their approach to problem solving and their willingness to go the extra mile for us.”

Sagar Aluri, CTO, Adani Enterprises

The Senpiper platform has helped us bring more vigil to the various program we have implemented under the Skill India Mission. Information from all 8000 + training centers reaches us in real time helping us in effectuating the desired results.

Pravi Kapoor, Head of Monitoring, NSDC

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