Simplify software builds. 8X faster development.

Our low-code platform lets you build world-class software applications at an incredibly low turnaround time. What’s more? You don’t even need any coding experience under your belt to get started.

What is low code development?

Low code provides you with a fast, visual, and intuitive way to build effectual custom business solutions— with fewer resources. Here’s how it accelerates your business growth:


Requires no or very minimal coding

No need to develop business solutions by writing code line-by-line. With rare coding interventions and minimal training required, your existing workforce can hit the ground running and develop digital solutions for your business.


Ready to use forms, workflows, reports

Half the legwork is already done so that you can focus on the business logic rather than starting everything from scratch. Enjoy the readymade forms, workflows, and reports to augment the core value proposition.

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Inbuilt user management

Exercise complete control over who gets to participate in the development process and to what extent. Use role-based access control, one-click shares, easy exports, group chats, and a whole bunch of other features to manage assets and users.


Skip traditional development cycles

There is already a lot on your plate when developing custom solutions. Leave all the complex and monotonous tasks such as creating the framework and data modeling on us. And converge all your attention on solution building.

Low code vs traditional development

Low-code platforms offer several advantages over traditional development technologies


Low code Development

Traditional development

Who can participate?

Low code Development


Low code takes down the barrier between IT and business operations. Even business executives with no background in coding can develop business applications themselves.

Traditional development

Developers only

Traditional development is strictly for developers and that too, with very specific skills. Business owners with limited tech knowhow find it difficult to keep up with what’s happening.

What is the total cost of development?

Low code Development

Pay only for what you need.

A simple license-based pricing will not make you break the bank to get started. Pay for only what you need and invest as and when needed.

Traditional development

High upfront investment.

From recruiting developers to developing the infrastructure, conventional development is generally an expensive affair. Not only is there a huge financial barrier to get started, it keeps your pocket draining throughout the process.

How fast can you build?

Low code Development

8x faster development.

With most of the tedious and mundane tasks out of the way, the entire process boils down only to the logic-intensive tasks. With low code, you can reduce the development time from months to weeks, and from weeks to days.

Traditional development

Long and unpredictable timelines.

With a long list of stages to go through, traditional software development ends up consuming a lot of time. Extensive wireframing, product management, development, QA, etc., demand their dues and unforeseen bottlenecks end up extending timelines.

How is the support for mobile devices?

Low code Development

Out of the box support.

All the solutions are automatically device friendly, and you can use them over a range of devices (smartphones, tablets) and platforms (iOS, Android).

Traditional development

Needs a separate development cycle.

Creating mobile versions of the solution is a task in itself with traditional software development. You even need to hire specific developers for it and make some huge investments in the process.

How easy is it to make changes?

Low code Development

Real-time changes.

You can easily fine-tune a solution built on a low code platform. Adding features and functionalities is also a breeze with multiple modules at your disposal.

Traditional development

Not-so-receptive to changes.

Making changes in a conventional development cycle can turn out to be a chore, especially if it has to be done at the later stages. With fixed architecture and various applications, it is both difficult and time-consuming to initialise changes.

What about data security and privacy?

Low code Development

Built-in security features and patches.

Our low code platform comes with all the security features and privacy measures applied out of the box. Additionally, automatic updates of these features ensure your applications remain safe against the continuously evolving cybersecurity concerns.

Traditional development

Requires dedicated efforts and teams.

Developers need to be highly cautious about the security features around the solution. Leaving any stone unturned can prove to be detrimental in terms of safety and privacy at later stages. Oftentimes, there is a need for a dedicated team to take care of security.

How well it gels with the existing infrastructure?

Low code Development

Seamless integration.

Out of the box, smart APIs and various other integration options make it ridiculously simple to include the low code solution in your existing set of tools.

Traditional development

Different integration processes across platforms.

Clubbing conventional software solutions with the existing setup can turn out to be challenging. There are also individual integration cycles for platforms and web, making the process even more complex and expensive.

What about technological upgrades?

Low code Development

Automatic upgrades to proven tech.

The low code platform provides you with the latest and most advanced tech to build solutions upon. Timely, automatic, and periodic upgrades ensure you stay on par with technological trends and deliver the best solution for the users.

Traditional development

Slow and expensive upgrades.

Every upgrade in traditional development has to be a big leap. And with that big leap comes a great amount of legwork and perhaps also a hole in your pocket.

How easy is it to scale?

Low code Development


Scaling would be the least of your concerns with a low code platform. You can always scale up as and when needed without any significant extra effort. This flexibility further reflects in your business operations.

Traditional development


You’d need a separate infrastructure management team to monitor all the application-level scaling.

What about support and maintenance?

Low code Development

Life long support and AMC.

With a low code platform, you don’t need to worry about maintenance as long as you are on the platform. Everything is automatically taken care of, and you can channel all your efforts into building, using, and improving the business solution.

Traditional development

Requires a team 24*7.

You’d need full-scale development team support for maintenance and keep them with you throughout the product lifetime. Goes without saying that it would require a lot of infrastructural and financial support.

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